Space concept in a public facility

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_spannrahmen_raumplanung_alphaW_servicebereich gruen1
ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_spannrahmen_raumplanung_alphaW_servicebereich gruen

Where's it going?


Rouen, France.
The task for the planning was to ensure service and communication through improved orientation and room acoustics in this public place. After all, there are up to 600 visitors every day. CCS is the right partner for planning offices.
Thanks to the freely definable coloring, in this case according to Pantone, the furnishing concept can be supported one hundred percent.

Consulting area (green):
The illustration on the left shows: Room acoustics table absorbers, round room acoustic ceiling sails with integrated lighting.

This modernized service and reception area offers three separate service areas, which have since been better organized and more convenient: a digital self-service area (pink), a consulting area (green), in which the beneficiaries can be supported in their efforts by specialized advisors, and a meeting room (blue and orange) in which the guests can communicate with an advising technician or social worker.

Self-service area (pink):
The illustration on the right shows: Info cells with special sound-absorbing acoustic foam integrated and additional lighting.

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_spannrahmen_raumplanung_alphaW_servicebereich pink

Waiting area with room acoustic images for a more pleasant room climate.


The color structuring for better orientation. Also relief for employees.

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_spannrahmen_raumplanung_alphaW_servicebereich blau

Info cells with acoustic effect. Here visitors can inform themselves independently.

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_spannrahmen_raumplanung_alphaW_servicebereich detail pink

Production documentary by CCS Düsseldorf and TV report from France

Do you know the problem of poor room acoustics?

The problem of Open Space is well known. Many employees work together in a small space. There is a call and discussion. There are also annoying noises from printers etc. The magic word is “reverberation”.

“Communication must not interfere, it must be supportive”

The problem is not just the open-plan offices. We also know the problem from modern architecture. Lots of glass, concrete and sound-reflecting surfaces. It becomes problematic in individual offices.

Here’s the good news:
An improvementin the room acoustics by reducing the annoying reverberation can also be done afterwards. In this way you promote positive communication and activate more concentration. They reduce sickness levels and increase employee satisfaction.