From the basement to your favorite room

ccs digital fabric basement with skyline image

Basement with a view


In this case there was an intension similar to that in the example above. The young child has moved out and the room has been relegated to storage. Since there is no actual daylight, it is a shame that the free-standing room cannot be used as real living space. Or? … You can see from the photos how it was solved on site. A loft apartment with a view of the New York skyline was created from a basement room without real daylight. Of course, the illuminated wall is dimmable. The mood can be wonderfully adjusted via the smartphone. The The image was purchased from Adobe Stock for a small amount. CCS also added glass frames to the motif. That makes the illusion perfect.

ccs digital fabric kellerraum vorher bild

A basement room with little daylight …

ccs digital fabric kellerraum in progress bild

… with CCS Style lighting elements …

ccs digital fabric basement with skyline image

… quickly become the absolute highlight.

Beautiful view


Whoever goes into the basement has the best view. So you could describe the picture. But the whole thing had a real background. The basement was unfortunately not to be used as living space. This changed suddenly with the use of a daylight light box, which replaces the windows outside. The effect is fantastic and surprises us again and again. The light intensity can of course be adjusted to the daytime situations using the dimming function. The right motif creates the perfect illusion. The CCS illuminated images can be dimmed using a push button, a smartphone app or by voice control.

ccs digital fabric basement with a view
ccs digital fabric basement field motif
ccs digital fabric basement field motif bedroom