Controllable light colors

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_tunable_white_lichtstimmung smartphone_offices

Brainstorming or a cozy chat?

All in good time …

What light do you use at a work meeting? Which lighting mood do you prefer for a cozy meal? … I agree!
Because there are general laws.

We tell you a successful story that has to do with light:

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_tunable_white_lichtstimmung kalt_buero

Wall projection surface: A white blank sheet is inserted into the CCS fabric_frame frame system. A sound-absorbing material is hidden behind the cloth, which significantly reduces the reverberation in the room to improve the room acoustics.

Concentration phase

From 10:00 a.m., the König company has scheduled a work meeting with its customers in the conference room. A strenuous program is on the agenda for this workshop. Everything is of course well prepared and nothing stands in the way of an efficient result. And let’s go! There is a lot to work out today …

At this point we interrupt the story with a very important piece of information for you: Not only communicative room acoustics are very important for promoting and maintaining concentration. Numerous studies also confirm that the correct lighting of the room is essential for concentrated work.
To stay focused, a neutral white light (3300 to 5500 Kelvin) is the most efficient and is proven to be perfect for working awake and alert.

When working under daylight conditions (5000 to 6500 Kelvin), concentration and performance get a real boost again.

ccs_digital_fabric_textilbild_tunable_white_lichtstimmung warm_buero

Wall motif: The motif was printed on the CCS photo textile and inserted into the fabric_frame frame system in 2 minutes. It rounds off the atmospheric ambience for a cozy get-together with the customer.
The frame remains – the motif changes.

Get together phase

It is now 6:00 p.m. The workshop is now over. The planned objectives were ended with excellent results. All participants smoke their heads, but everyone was motivated and highly concentrated until the end. Now there is a small tour of the company. During this time, the conference room will be covered for the upcoming Italian buffet. It is 7:00 p.m. and the cozy part begins …

At this point we interrupt the story with an important piece of information for you: light colors in the warm white spectrum (2700 to 3300 Kelvin) have a calming and comforting effect. Subjectively, it is not as powerful and this color temperature is also ideal for cozy lighting accents.

With a glass of red wine and culinary delicacies, everyone involved gets closer in personal conversations in the now very cozy atmosphere. This mood is absolutely conducive to customer loyalty through an “emotional” mood.

The CCS Tunable White technology made these different situations possible with a “finger slide”. The spectrum of color temperatures of the CCS Tunable White System includes the values ​​3000 to 6500 Kelvin. You control the color temperature and the intensity of the brightness smoothly via a smartphone app.

Very simple - very comfortable - very efficient