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We have answered and listed the most common questions for you – both for standard projects and for custom-made products. Of course we are happy to answer your questions personally. Send us an email or just give us a call. We are also looking forward to a visit to our showroom in Düsseldorf. We would be happy to explain our system and products to you here.

fabric_frame® System

Our system is used wherever emphasis is placed on reflection-free smooth picture surfaces with exceptional purity and brilliance. It can appear as a single image or as an element in holistic designs. Due to its simple and light construction, even non-specialists can work well with it.

Here are a few examples of the possible uses of the fabric_frame system >

Our fabric_frame system can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps.

It is also customizable and therefore expandable at any time.

Thanks to the grooved piping system, even large format prints can be easily clamped into the frame. This makes the exchange of textile prints so easy.

Thanks to our high quality standards, our frame system is absolutely robust. It can also be set up and taken down again and again.
We have all sizes from small format to large format. We can also easily implement special sizes with our in-house metalworking. Individual productions are also part of our daily business.
You can assemble our standard frames yourself in just a few simple steps. Attaching to the wall is also easy with our wall bracket.

Except special constructions and large formats. Our assembly team will be happy to come to you for this.

Please contact your contact person for assembly instructions. An assembly team is usually sent to you for special systems or special formats. That means we take care of the complete installation.
We offer all shapes and formats of cubes, cylinders, curved or round frames.

Even very individual special solutions are no problem for us.

Our staff will be happy to discuss your wishes with you and find the ideal solution.

Custom designs are also possible with us. Together with you we develop the perfect variant for your wishes.
We would be happy to send you your personal sample frame or fabric sample.

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Our frames are ideal as space dividers. For this purpose, the frame can be covered on both sides. The option of installing acoustic material in the frame can also be used here.
Our system can also be used as a ceiling element in a wide variety of shapes and formats. Either as a pure image or as a color element. Or with acoustic foam and lighting.
Our system can also be covered on both sides. We also offer our block out fabrics with black and white back coatings.
With the help of our wall brackets, the frame can be easily attached to any desired location. With our flexible system it is possible to repair small errors from drilling.

Our wall bracket offers the possibility to compensate for this by adjusting the associated screws.

You can also get other systems from us. Whether roll-ups, scissor lattices or other systems. Please do not hesitate to ask our employees about other options.
We also offer counters for trade fairs and events. These can also be illuminated and made with individual printing.

The system is based on the same principle as our framework system.

Our entire production takes place under one roof. We produce in Germany. More precisely in the state capital of Düsseldorf.
Our showroom is located at Immermannstraße 7 in 40210 Düsseldorf. Come and visit us spontaneously. Or make an appointment on site for detailed advice.
Our standard frame comes in silver. We also offer a powder coating according to RAL. In different colors such as white or black.

fabric_frame® High-tech textile print

We use the thermal sublimation process for our printing. The dye is evaporated into the textile by heat. The color becomes part of the fabric and unfolds its maximum brilliance.

In this way, our prints are wrinkle-free and foldable without breaks – no ironing and no solvent smells!

As with our frames, there is basically no limit here either. Whether small format or large format. We print your motifs.
Thanks to the groove piping system, you can use your textile print yourself in just a few simple steps.

We will provide you with a video here shortly.

The textile cloth can be stored folded, saving space. Thanks to our special printing process, there are no color breaks. As soon as the textile cloth is stretched into the frame, any wrinkles disappear.
Our prints no longer need to be ironed. Simply insert it into the frame system and you’re done. Wrinkles are smoothed out by tension.
Our textile printing prints can be washed at 30 ° in a standard washing machine.
Thanks to our special printing process, the print is firmly attached to the cloth. It cannot peel off even when folded.

In addition, the print is absolutely robust and therefore very durable.

We only use solvent-free inks for our prints. This shows that our prints are odorless. No unpleasant chemical smell like with UV printing.
By using our solvent-free colors, our textile prints are absolutely odorless and ready to use.
With us, almost every format and size is possible.
Depending on the size of the motif, even a cell phone photo can ensure a great print result. You can obtain information on print data and resolution from your CCS contact person.

You can also download our information sheet on print data creation here. >

In our in-house prepress, all the print data you have created is then checked in detail.

Here we have put together the most important information for you on a data sheet.

Simply download our information sheet here. >

Simply send your print data, created according to our specifications, to your contact person.
We can also implement your CI requirements ideally. In addition, our color management ensures that your colors look perfect on your textile print.
The pigments of the colors open up through the printing process we use. These combine with our high quality textiles. As a result, the brilliance of the colors also arises.
We would be happy to send you your personal fabric sample.

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Our prints fit into every frame system. Even if you already have a frame system. Nevertheless, you can also order your new motifs from us.
We work with different manufacturers. Among other things, we can offer you fabrics from Camina® and Delius®. We would be happy to advise you personally.
Camira® or Delius® textiles are only two of our partners. So it is no problem for us to process these substances.

fabric_frame® Light box

Thanks to our patented LED system, our light boxes are uniformly illuminated. Transport and storage are extremely space-saving. Thanks to our high quality standards, the light box is extremely durable.
We use our patented LED system to illuminate our light box. This ensures homogeneous, uniform lighting. We also offer other types of lighting.

Of course, these are also of high quality.

The light box can be dimmed with a built-in dimmer. A simple remote control can be used for this. There is also the option of voice control. For example Alexa.
The light box can also be controlled using a smartphone.
Voice control such as Alexa is possible with our system.
Just like our unlit system, the light box can be made in special formats and sizes. There are also many options here.
The light box can be produced in a wide variety of formats. Simply ask one of our employees about the countless possibilities.
We offer all shapes and formats of cubes, cylinders, curved or round frames.

Even very individual special solutions are no problem for us.

We would be happy to discuss your wishes with you.

With our light box you have the possibility to set different light levels. Whether cool or warm light.

fabric_frame® Acoustics

Fabric_frame acoustics are suitable for a wide variety of industries. Whether in the office or event area. Because acoustics play an increasingly important role. We offer the ideal solution of function and design.

Because with our system, acoustics can also look good.

The sound is absorbed by using our acoustic foam. This dampens and suppresses noise. Our textile print also ensures that noise is absorbed.
We use Basotect® for our room acoustic elements.
The fabric_frame acoustics can be produced in a wide variety of formats.

In short, all formats and shapes as possible with our frame and light box systems.

We would be happy to discuss the countless possibilities with you.

Individual custom-made products are also possible in our acoustic area.
Our acoustics can also be used in combination with the light box.
On top of that, you can also have the acoustic function printed with your motif. Whether it is the CI or other image variants. Color areas that are just as simple are possible.
You can of course have your CI printed. Our prepress ensures an ideal implementation of your company colors.


The production times depend on the volume of the order. Usually the production time is 2-3 days.
The delivery times also depend on the volume of the order. A delivery time of maximum 5 days is the rule.
We are Made in Germany. Because our entire production, from color management to logistics, is located in Germany. More precisely in Düsseldorf.
CCS was founded in 1979 as a photo laboratory. Since then the company has developed a lot. Today CCS digital_fabric® is one of the market leaders.
Due to the high quality and longevity of our products, there is of course extreme sustainability. We also use solvent-free inks for printing. Our textile prints can also be produced in recyclable PET material on request.
On request, your print motifs can be produced in recyclable PET fabric.


No problem. We would be happy to help you personally and look forward to your call or message.

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